1 month ago

Prevent migrations from being run automatically

Posted 1 month ago by raphael

Laravel 6.5:

Whenever I enter artisan make:migration ..., a migration file is being created and automatically run. After pressing enter, the command seems to wait for a short amount of time (like 5-10 seconds) to let me add some database instructions into the migration. But of course this short period is way too little. This results in a processed migration without any operations. Then I have to remove the entry from the migrations-table, finish the migration and run artisan migrate on my own.

So I always have to cancel the make:migration command with CTRL+C to prevent it from being run automatically.

This phenomenon happens to all my co-workers who are working on the same project.

Is there a better way? Can I disable the automatic migrations somewhere in the config? I did not find anything in the documentation.

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