7 months ago

Populate field values from where() parameter in hasMany() relation

Posted 7 months ago by v4np3rs13

Hello, I have been struggling with this problem for days, and I simply cannot find a proper and D-R-Y solution.

I have two models. App\User and App\Comments.

I am trying to find all hot comments for a specific user. And populate the 'hot' column, while inserting the values for the user.

The thing which is working now...


public function hot_comments() {
    $this->hasMany(Comment::class)->where('hot', true);

I fetch the hot comments by:

$user->hot_comments or $user->hot_comments()->get();

And while inserting, I use this:

    "hot" => true

So basically, on inserting, I must explicitly enter the 'hot' column value. Can I just fetch it from the relation query somehow, so I clean up the code. Maybe something like withPivotValue() in BelongsToMany relation.

Is there are Laravel method available for this ?

Thank you in advance.

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