7 months ago

Polymorphic Help

Posted 7 months ago by movepixels

Never did this before and reading the docs is not working.

Idea is I want to have a Model OrderItem with table "order_items" that will hold all the items for an Invoice. Since the items can come from Subscription, Product, Upgrade models.

So to test out I have OrderItem.php:

public function line_item()
    return $this->morphTo();


public function OrderItem()
    return $this->morphMany('App\Models\Billing\Orders\OrderItem', 'line_item');

But when trying to add an item to a new order like so just to test:


I get errors. Its trying tto update the Ugrades table.

Unknown column 'order_id' in 'field list' (SQL: update `upgrades` set `updated_at` = 2019-10-05 20:25:29, `order_id` = 0 where `id` = 1)

Why is it trying to even touch Upgrade table?

Anyone once know where I am going wrong.

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