3 months ago

Pluck with column JSON

Posted 3 months ago by yagrasdemonde


I'm looking for to pluck query with a JSON column, but I don't know how to do.

So I have in my user table a column custom_properties

Inside this, I have the key name_enterprise

  "name_enterprise": "Enterprise 1"

I want to build a dropdown with this field.

So for a standard field I do

$users = User::pluck('firstname', 'id')->toArray();

Output => 
6 => "John"
7 => "Mike"
81 => "Nate"

How can I do to get my name_enterprise key of Json column ?

Thank you very much

PS : In my User model, I defined and type of column field is set to JSON. I'm using Laravel 7

protected $casts = [
'custom_properties' => 'array'

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