4 months ago

Placeholder in string

Posted 4 months ago by movepixels

This might be dumb question, but is it possible to save a string to the database with a variable place holder, then when retrieved you fill the var with the actual value?

I idea is I have about 50+ Sentences / phrases but I need to put place holders in them so its custom to the user.

Example: This would be saved in the database => 'Hello ${name}, we have not seen you since ${date}.'

When pulled from the db, the values are placed into it and returned to the user as a complete string. Hello George, we have not seen you since yesterday.

The point is I know I can simply type it out where needed. But the phrase is based on a stored action in the database so there are 100+ actions each with a phrase to coincide with each.

So in theory a function to get phrase based on action, insert the variables into the placeholders in the string then return full text to user.



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