1 year ago

PHP Confusion

Posted 1 year ago by hrosenthal

I just downloaded Laravel (on Windows 10) and am going through the online learning. Although everything seems to function properly in the examples, I get several errors when creating a new project. The problems all seem to stem from the fact that I have PHP 5.6.25 and need 7.1.3.

I'm still a bit confused about what was installed during the laravel install, but it seems that a localhost server was set up (this starts when I use the php artisan serve command). I assume php was also installed as part of the laravel installation.

So the question is, how do I bring my php up to the required 7.1.3. While I don't understand why the laravel install wouldn't have included the required version, I assume this is something I'll have to update regularly.

Thanks for your assistance

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