6 months ago

Php 7.1 to 7.4 Upgrade Impact to Laravel 5.7

Posted 6 months ago by chandram97

we have developed our application in Laravel 5.7 with Php 7.1. Now We are planning to Upgrade Php Version 7.1 to 7.4.

I have checked the Php Migration Documentations, There are many functions and components they have deprecated and they have updated the response/returns of the functions. Please refer the below links for the Php migration documentation from Php7.1 to 7.4

I have checked the laravel and its packages are using those deprecated items. So can you please check and let me know from laravel perspective will there be any impact if I upgrade to php7.4. Or do I need to Upgrade my Laravel as well. if I need to Upgrade my laravel then to which version do I need to upgrade

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