1 year ago

Passport oauth_access_tokens

Posted 1 year ago by jonassiewertsen

Dear community

I am playing around with Laravel Passport and i got an issue. After an amount of time, i am getting an unauthenticated error back via axios.

I did set my App like this:

php artisan passport:install -> check! migration of db -> check! CreateFreshApiToken -> check! HasApiTokens added to User model -> check! php artisan passport:install -> check!

Great. It is working, but only after a few hours, even with new login, i am getting an unathenticated error via axios.

Looking into my database, it seems like the cookie has not been stored. Is it correct like that?

The personal access clients are in there, but the oauth_access_tokens are totaly empty. That doesn't make sense to me or did i oversee something?

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