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Passing Data to Broadcasted Event Authorization Callback

Posted 1 year ago by nickdavies07

I've just started looking at event broadcasting using Laravel Echo, Laravel Websockets and Vue. I'd like to create a new alert popup which shows when a new asset is created. This alert should only show if the user has access to the school that the new asset is being created for. Something like this: alert-example

My table relationships: I have users, schools and assets tables. Users can belong to many schools and vice versa. An asset can belong to a school, and schools can have many assets.

I have a new event called AssetCreated which is fired when a new asset is created event(new AssetCreated(auth()->user(), $asset)); This event accepts the authenticated user and the asset that has been created. I then have an AssetCreated class:-

    public function broadcastOn()
        return new PrivateChannel('assets');

I've read in the documentation that you can pass the data to the channel like this:-

    public function broadcastOn()
        return new PrivateChannel('assets.' . $this->assets->school_id);
Broadcast::channel('assets.{schoolId}', function ($user, $schoolId) {
    return $user->schools->contains($schoolId)

But with this approach I then have to pass the data to Laravel Echo in the Vue component as well...

    .listen('AssetCreated', ({user}) => {
        this.alert = true;

I'd like to keep the channel name as assets, but I need to verify that the user has access to that asset's school. What would be the best way of approaching this?

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