6 months ago

Paginate error on second page (The page isn’t redirecting properly)

Posted 6 months ago by haroncorreia

Hello friends!

I'm trying to paginate some records. There's my code:

Declared route:

Route::any('estados/search', '[email protected]')->name('estados.search');

In the Estado model, i've declared a function for search:

public function search($filter = null)
    # code...

    $rs = $this->where(function($query)use($filter){
        if ($filter){
            $query->where('nome', 'LIKE', '%' . $filter . '%');
    return $rs;


So I call the search function in the Controller, and call the view:

public function search(Request $request) {

    $filters = $request->except('_token');

    $estados = $this->repository->search($request->filter);

    return view('paginas.admin.estados.index', [
        'estados' => $estados,
        'filters' => $filters


In the blade view, i paginate like this:

@if (isset($filters)) {!! $estados->appends($filters)->links() !!} @else {!! $estados->links() !!} @endif

The code writed runs OK! First page goes well, but second page and nexts ones returns a "Problem loading page - The page isn’t redirecting properly" on Firefox. I've searched solutions but no ones solved this. Can anyone help me.


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