Overriding e() (or any of the Laravel Helpers)

Posted 8 months ago by devonblzx

So, prior to 5.5, you could require a file at the top of bootstrap/autoload.php.

Now, I can't seem to find a way to override Laravel helper functions reliably:

  1. doesn't seem to work any longer.
  2. Composer autoloaded files load after the Laravel Helpers.
  3. Adding in public/index.php does not override Helpers for testing / console.

Does anyone have a reliable solution?

The Laravel escape function is lacking when it comes to protecting against Vue.js interpolation injections, so I'd like to implement my own solution to replace curly braces.

A temporary solution I've used is to set the Blade echo format to my own function that incorporates:

preg_replace('/({|}|{|}|{|})(?=\S)/', '$1 ', $value);

However, this is not full coverage since the echo format is not used everywhere.

Updated with regex solution

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