1 month ago

Outlook Calendar APi Issue in Laravel

Posted 1 month ago by Jahanzeb786

Hello guys I am trying to sync the Outlook Calendar APi in my Laravel Project but I am getting this error ... I know it's something related to admin permission consent. How to request admin for api permission in azure portal? ..... Here is my Controller Code: When I uncomment the dd($graph) I do get the access token but when i comment the error shows which is in attached image. Anyone who experienced this while working with Outlook Calendar Api?

ERROR I AM GETTING: Client error: GET https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/users/jahanzebchoudhry1@outlook.com/calendars resulted in a 401 Unauthorized response: { "error": { "code": "NoPermissionsInAccessToken", "message": "The token contains no permissions, or permis (truncated...)


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