other port other than 80 and Guzzle do not get along?

Posted 1 year ago by javineo

I have a server in my local network where I have a webservice made in Laravel that uses Guzzle 6.3. Said webservice is consumed by a web that is outside of my local area network, in a hosting provider. I have a router where I configured an external 7844 port and it is redirected to the internal port 80 of my webservice server. When making requests from the external hosting, the connection is rejected. When I use port 80 or 8080 to connect from the hosting to the webservice. . .then if he walks. Guzzle has a problem with ports other than 80 or 8080? I found something to hear about the Guzzle theme in version 6.3 regarding 5.

Thanks for your attention

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