2 years ago

Other Laravel 4.2 to Laravel 5.0

Posted 2 years ago by javineo

My problems continue making Laravel 4.2 become Laravel 5.0.

This is a error:

Undefined property: Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Collection::$socios (View: C:\NeoWebServer\www\homebanking5\resources\views\submenus\operaciones.blade.php) 

line of code that gives the eror in the view

@if(Session::has('es_socio') && Session::get('es_socio') == '1' && $modulo->socios && $modulo->getItemsEnabled('escritorio') > 0)

$ module comes from model Model.php

    public function getItemsEnabled($menu = 'escritorio'){
        $count = 0;
        foreach($this->items as $i){

        return $count;

What is my mistake? I can not understand what happens, I appreciate if someone can help me with this new error.

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