1 year ago

orderBy for GroupBy does not work?

Posted 1 year ago by jamesjames
id  conversation_id      sender_id     recipient_id        message
1   room1         2               1               hi1
2     room1          1                    2                  hi2
3     room1          1                    2                  hi3
4     room2         3                   1                   hi1
5     room2         1                    3                  hi2

public function index(Message $message) 
    $messages = $message->where('sender_id', Auth::id())->orWhere('recipient_id', Auth::id())->orderBy('id', 'desc')->groupBy('conversation_id')->get();


Hi. I am trying to make a private chat system.

I want to display only room1 and room2 and show latest message at http://example.com/inbox.

 room name: room1  
 message: hi3

 room name: room2 
 message: hi2

Everything is fine except message. This does NOT display LATEST message.

Any advice please?

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