1 year ago

(One to One) to (Zero to Many) / (Zero to One) to (One to Many)

Posted 1 year ago by Chron

Is this possible without making a pivot table? For example..

One child has/have zero to many Phones

I think it can be easily achieved with something like this..

$child = Child::create([
    'name' => $request['name'],
    'age' => $request['age'],
    //add child infos into the phones table.
    'child_id' => $child->id;
    'model' => $request['model'],

else{  // if the child doesn't have any phone
    //just create the child account

Add the child infos to the phones table ONLY if they have any phones.

From what I see, this is just okay because the foreign key "child_id" in phones table will never get a null value unless the child has a phone.

I've heard of belongsToMany, that deals with many to many relationships but can it the also deal with zero to many relationship?

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