On Production server laravel project giving (1/1) TokenMismatchException

Posted 1 year ago by krishna9720

on Production server laravel project giving an error on authentication

(1/1) TokenMismatchException
in VerifyCsrfToken.php (line 68)

This project is working perfectly on localhost and I checked on my private server too its working.

I have checked all the possible bugs like

  1. Permissions to the storage folder.

  2. checked csrf_tokens methods as well

Finally, I check what's status of auth session and toke key. maybe this error due to mismatch these. but why it is on this server this is quite a strange issue.

after checking my session key and token key both are different.

what should I do next to fix this problem? is any problem with my GoDaddy server?

please help me if anybody experienced this issue.

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