1 year ago

Notification logging - reads, call answers etc. within the laravel notification system.

Posted 1 year ago by booni3

What are your ideas on how to implement this best within the laravel notification ecosystem?

We currently send notifications via:

  • Slack
  • Telegram
  • Email
  • Nexmo (voice and SMS)

I would like to generically record these events into the database. Key information we are looking to record is:

  • When was the notification sent.
  • Was it read.
  • Was there any response (i.e. nexmo voice can generate some post requests back to the server for example, "user acknowledge the message", "user listened to but rejected the message".

I could ofcourse just create a notificationLogging model, but before I did this I wanted to see if there was anything that already existed? The Laravel database channel for example, but this seems more built for in-app notifications.

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