Not seeing how to get Laravel code style in PHPStorm

Posted 5 months ago by davestead

I've already brought this to the PHPStorm forum, and they either are having trouble figuring it out or the program's pre-defined styles aren't compliant or are buggy.

Laravel's documentation states: "Laravel follows the PSR-2 coding standard and the PSR-4 autoloading standard."


In PHPStorm > Preferences (Mac) > Editor > Code Style > PHP, there's nothing in there about Laravel, and I'm not finding where I could get this (I've already installed the Laravel Plugin), so I either have to manually configure it when I'm not familiar with all of the terminology (and it appears to be missing some necessary settings).

If I set Scheme to Project, then "Set from" to Predefined Style > PSR-1/PSR-2, it tosses function/for params on their own lines and separates parentheses on their own lines... it's not PSR-1/2 compliant and appears to be buggy.

Has someone made a Laravel 5.7 PSR-2/PSR-4-compliant code style configuration for PHPStorm? I'm using version 2018.3.2 right now, so if you've done this, please export it and attach it as a file somewhere so I can try this, or let me know how to make it compliant.

I'm really surprised nobody's made this automatically work in the most-popular PHP editor for the most-popular PHP framework.

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