8 months ago

next previous profile in single profile view

Posted 8 months ago by towhid

scenario : i have a result set for 20 profile , if i click then single profile view show . now i want to next profile and previews profile view button . when i click next button then go next profile in my result set collection by descending wise data .

i don't understand how to get next id and previews id in my profile view blade , please help me . thank you

if any kind of quarry please ask me - then i will discuss details .

as like i have contact list when i click then show 4 record descending wise . if i click one contact profile then show one single page , and now i want to next profile view out of 4 descending wise . so how to to ? that ?

i have contact profile controller where i collect my contact list collection , and my user profile controller for single profile view page .. . and other things i have many kind of record set for difference type of record collection .

so how to do and what the procedure in laravel for next previous profile view

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