9 months ago

NEXT PREVIOUS Functionality in Single page view and going to next and previous item when i want .

Posted 9 months ago by towhid

i have many kind of collection , my favorite list, who favorite me list , my contact pick list , who contact me list . contact trashed list , favorite trash list , many kind of and difference difference type of collections.

now imagine i have 5 items record set in any collection's list Order by date DESC , collections = [ 4,7,9,2,12],

now when i click 7th item then show single details about 7th item .there are two button available


when i click Next button then show 9th item single page and details about 9th item , and if i click again next Button in 9th number single item page then show 2nd item single page , in this moment if i think i am going to previous item then click previous button and go to 9th number item single page again ....

i hope you are all understand my problem . please suggest me about this functionality .

please guide me practically bu some code of suggestion . if any kind of quarry please ask me -

thank you

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