1 year ago

New users using RegisterController manually

Posted 1 year ago by Carlos_rsd

Friends, I need help. I created the authentication process in laravel 5.6 with php artisan make: auth, so far so good, it works wonderfully, I log in, log in, and create a new user with the register link. But, now I need to allow the admin user to register users in the system being logged in. I changed the __construct of the RegisterController to allow to view the user registration form for already authenticated users, changing the code to: $ this-> middleware ('auth') ;. It worked perfectly again, but after including a new registry the application automatically logs in this new registry and I did not want this behavior, I would like to change the behavior so that after inclusion the application kept the admin user logged in and was directed to another view. I'm all day looking for a solution and all the links I found no solution solved. What can I do to achieve this or can not be done?

Thanks for the help and excuse me for the long text.

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