2 months ago

Need Help Converting Complex MySQL Query

Posted 2 months ago by vincej

I tend to write my complex queries in raw SQL and then try to fit them into Laravel. I'm not succeeding getting the two arguments, $parent and $node into the DB::select. The query works perfectly well inside an SQL console. In a previous post from me I was advised to simply wrap my raw query in DB::select(). additionally I found further advice on Laracasts on how to lock tables, and also here: ( )

Any ideas ??

 public function createCategory($parent, $node) {
     DB::raw('LOCK TABLE categories WRITE');
       'SELECT @myRight := rgt FROM categories
        WHERE name = $parent;                                     // $parent value not available 
        UPDATE categories SET rgt = rgt + 2 WHERE rgt > @myRight;
        UPDATE categories SET lft = lft + 2 WHERE lft > @myRight;
        INSERT INTO categories(name, lft, rgt) VALUES($node, @myRight + 1, @myRight + 2)');   // $node value not available
        DB::raw('UNLOCK TABLES');

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