Your understanding of what a MySQL schema is?

Posted 5 months ago by davestead

I learned MySQL schema as the "database" that contains tables inside of the "database server" (which is the connection 'host' in PHP MySQL code), but there's seems to be multiple (mis?)understandings of what "schema" means as opposed to "database" (which is apparently already ambiguous).

So say I have a MySQL host named localhost, which contains multiple "databases" or "schemas" (made using CREATE DATABASE) that each have their own tables; I was taught and have generally heard that "schema" was the specific name for each of those "databases" inside of the "host/server database".

It can be confusing but some people know what I'm talking about when I say "schema", some don't, some people think I mean the server or the database/schema when I say "database"... there just seems to be a terminology issue, but I just discovered that MySQL Workbench (made by the MySQL/Oracle people) refers to each "DATABASE" inside of the server database as the "schemas":

https://imgur.com/PYascR5 (I don't know how to paste/attach a screenshot here)

So I'm going to fall back to the MySQL people and consider a "schema" to mean an individual DATABASE (that contains tables) inside of the database host/server; but I'm curious what you think or how you use the terminology, and maybe there needs to be clarification.

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