2 years ago

My laravel app does not work any more...

Posted 2 years ago by rabol


For the last 2 months I have not done any Laravel dev on my Mac, but today I wanted to play around, but none of my local Laravel apps was working any more

Sure, the 'main' url like laravel.dev showed the main page, but as soon as I tried something like laravel.dev/login i get a 404

php artisan route:list shows that the route is correct

I have followed this: https://mallinson.ca/osx-web-development/

Now, the first thing one would ask is: What changes have happened to the system, and I would say, none... but that is not completely true as I have installed latest Mac Updates

so, system is like this: macOS High Sierra, v 10.13 MySQL php 7.1.5

There is no errors in my apache config files There is no information in my apache error_log

I do know that it might not be a laravel error, but something in my system, but what?

Any help or hint would be highly appriciated

Thanks in advance

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