7 months ago

multiple subdomains on shared hosting.

Posted 7 months ago by Veltix

I want link subdomain with subdomains.

I have laravel files in subdomain "" and I want auth with api two different subdomains "" and "".

"" - laravel files and working as RESTful api for auth logins, bookings, images and etc..

"" - where customer can login and see profile, make bookings and etc..

"" - where provider can login and see profile, accept bookings and etc..

Main subdomain will be "" what share information to two subdomains..

Do I have do some configures in shared hosting? I don't have permissions to edit httpd.conf if I must change there something?

I want api shares auth info to customer website and provider website.

Any advice how to implement? one tutorial was with valet but this didnt work for me.

Do I have to add every subdomain a laravel files or only to api subdomain?

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