4 years ago

Multiple domains for one framework - with customisations

Posted 4 years ago by TurboTech

Hi all,

I'm new to the forums, but I've been coding with Laravel for quite a while, after doing some research I'm hearing different opinions, and ones of which aren't giving me an exact answer as to if it's possible...

Here's me question: Is it possible to run one framework under different domain names? For example

test1.com test2.com

For one framework, but with allowable customisations, for example if you visit test1.com, the name for that domain (gathered from a database based on the domain name, which could set a session so it doesn't have to keep checking).

test1.com = Test 1 page title here test2.com = A different title here

Is that possible? All domains would be listed in a database, along with their customisations and a domain ID, which means the system could set a session so that the system doesn't have to keep checking the domain in the database, it could just use the DomainID that's in the database...

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