Multi auth while one guard should be multi-tenant plus socialite

Posted 5 months ago by Yahav

So, i need to have a multi-auth system which is fairly straight forward (going to use the following just to make it easy on me: https://github.com/Hesto/multi-auth )

However the problematic part of all this is that one of them guards should be multi-tenant, i'll explain: the first guard is for users, simple and ordinary. each user has its own blog. each blog is a "separate website". the second guard is for readers, each reader should be able to signup to each blog individually, even with a different password. so the same email should be able to register multiple times granted its a different blog. not only that, readers should be able to signing using socialite which just make this even more complicated.

the problem is that i have no earthly idea how to achieve that logic using laravel, any advice?

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