7 months ago

Multi-Auth: Prevent logged in admins to see login page

Posted 7 months ago by Pida

I implemented a multi-auth system using Laravel 5.7. Users and admins can log in using different pages and everything is working fine with one exception: While Laravel prevents logged in users from visiting the login page again (as it should), admins can visit their login page even while they are logged in.

For admins, there's a path specified in$redirectTo in AdminLoginController. The redirect works after logging in, but as I said, admins can just visit the login form again whenever they want.

The redirect for logged in standard users from /login to the path specified in $redirectTo is working just fine, so I hoped to find a solution studying the LoginController and the traits used there, but couldn't find anything.

Where does this redirect happen in the Laravel codebase?

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