More Mandrill Woes

Posted 3 years ago by timgavin

Using Laravel 5.1.19 (LTS) and Guzzle 6.1

I've gone through LOTS of Laravel/Mandrill posts here and on SO and can't find a solution. Basically, everything seems to be set up correctly, yet mail is not sending. I'm not receiving any error messages and the laravel.log is empty, so I have absolutely nothing to go on as to why it's not sending. In fact, when using the password reset form I'm receiving the success message.

I'm using a .env file with the following


In config/mail.php I have

'from' => ['address' => '', 'name' => 'Tim Gavin'],

I've also set up a custom route in routes.php and tested with that

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Mail;
Route::get('email', function ()
    \Mail::send('emails.test', [], function($message)
      $message->to('')->subject('test email');

Any suggestions as to what's going on, where to look, or how to fix it? I'm quite the Laravel noob, so please be specific.. and patient. :)

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