1 month ago

Mission Session Files

Posted 1 month ago by jgnasser

I have been running into this error ErrorException file_put_contents(/home/vagrant/code/{appName}/storage/framework/sessions/R5wfYmXe8OK5ee0k0dE7JG4572nm8Uu2Q5Asm0Fw): failed to open stream: Permission denied

The problem is, there are no session files in the sessions directory. But the driver in config.sessions.php is set to file. My guess is I am missing something or that homestead is storing and trying to access some other session files (obviously not table sessions) because the sessions driver is set to file so I expected to at least see the the files.

I have tried all tricks I can imagine. Like running php artisan optimize:clear and all other clears like config:clear, view:clear, route:clear, artisan clear compiled. Nothing seem to work.

I have set permissions with chmod -R 775 storage/framework/sessions, nothing seem to work.

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