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Migrating laravel from one computer to another one [ISSUE]

Posted 1 year ago by ArneDB

Hello there,

Intro story: I have a Laravel project which runs via vagrant on one computer which I upload to Gitlab for Version Control. I have another computer on which I clone into the project and run vagrant. This gave me an issue with the uuid.

MacBook:neverbored *************$ vagrant up The VirtualBox VM was created with a user that doesn't match the current user running Vagrant. VirtualBox requires that the same user be used to manage the VM that was created. Please re-run Vagrant with that user. This is not a Vagrant issue.

The UID used to create the VM was: ***** Your UID is: **** -> this contained my id to which I switched

The Problem: My database entries seem to be gone. I have had some users in the the database table "users".

The Question: How do I transfer my project from one computer to another one with the database in tact?

Kind Regards!

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