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Mermaid for Laravel

Posted 1 week ago by LobeShare


I'm busy using mermaid-js in my project.

It's a javascript package which accepts a "markdown-ish" syntax such as below and renders that in the browser as the diagram below that. It is ~~quite useful~~ brilliant and I'd like to wrap it into my project the right way, but I'm too much of a laravel noob to know what the right way is.

Has it been done, or should I attempt it? And if I should, will there be others would also like to use it, or pitch in to get it done?

graph TD
	A[Christmas] -->|Get money| B(Go shopping)
	B --> C{Let me think}
	C -->|One| D[Laptop]
	C -->|Two| E[iPhone]
	C -->|Three| F[fa:fa-car Car]

Rendered as:

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