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Mapping class and subject and chapters into many to many relationship Laravel

Posted 5 months ago by AbdulBazith

Guys i have started a new project, its a online examination project

these are the following tables

Table: SubjectDetails

id  sub_name
1   english
2   maths
3   physics

Table: classDetails

id  class_name
1   5th std
2   6th std
3   7th std

above i have mentioned my class and subject tables

Further i have to classify the subject into chapters_name in those subjects and topics in each chapter. what i expect is like below

class subject     chapter               topics
5th   Maths     Matrices            Inverse of a Non-Singular
5th   Maths     Matrices        Elementary Transformations of a Matrix
5th   Maths     Matrices        Solving System of Linear Equations
5th   Physics   Electrostatics      Role of electrostatic
5th   Physics   Electrostatics      Electric flux
5th   Physics   Electrostatics      Polarisation
Like this for each class, each subject, each chapter wise, topic wise i need to frame question

at present i have class table and subject table only. Next further how many tables i need to create?? which all the tables i need to make many to many relationship? for simple i know that class_subject as pivot table? but what about chapter and topics??

kindly suggest me the pivot tables. I will pickup.

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