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Many users belong to one team which belongs to one project - relationship problems

Posted 1 year ago by danhorton


in the site I am building, there is a project which is the main component of the application. A project has one team, which in turn can have many users associated with it.

I have clearly forgotten how to set up relationships as I am having trouble with this.

A project has one team (although if I do it this way, laravel does a select top 1 query from the teams table, which holds multiple user records inside)

    public function team()
        return $this->hasOne('App\Team');

Then, a team has many users

    public function user()
        return $this->hasMany('App\User', 'id', 'user_id');

If I {{dd($bid->team)}} on a project with a team and users associated, it returns this:

Collection {#678 ▼
  #items: array:2 [▼
    0 => Team {#675 ▶}
    1 => Team {#676 ▶}

Which is 1 team object for every row in the teams database.

To access the users, I have to do $bid->team[0]->user->name etc rather than $bid->team->user->name as each user is attached to its own team object rather than 1 team object having many users related.

What am I doing wrong here?

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