4 months ago

Making my class instance persistent over next request

Posted 4 months ago by rahul95


I'm currently working on an app where I want the current instance of one of my class/controller to be available over the next request. The actual scenario is, I'm creating a view file based on two to three chained API calls which reside in separate methods in my controller and actually assigning the API responses to the class properties as I need those to make my next call. After three chained method calls, I'm actually generating a view and the next API call must be done through an ajax request from the view and is called to the same controller. What I want to achieve is, I want to access the class properties I initialized (and may be modified) while generating my view, from the method I'm calling now.

As the ajax request loads the Controller all over again I will supposedly lose the instance, but is there any way I can achieve this, I found topics on binding singletons and instances o the ServiceProvider but I'm too confused with the official docs.

(Note: I want to achieve it this way, because I don't wanna expose my property values to the user interface and I'm not a big fan of storing these inside sessions as well.)

It'll be great if anybody can help me with this.

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