3 weeks ago

Making insert upate etc. from controller if you use trigger on table (MSSQL)

Posted 3 weeks ago by darkjet

I use Laravel 6.6 with php 7.3 and mssql database engine.

I have a table what I try to modify or insert a new record from my controller with eloquent and It doesn't work but there aren't any errors. (There is a trigger on my table)

I made this trigger from sql side.

When I delete the trigger the queries works as well from laravel. But the trigger is good because when i run the same queries from sql side what I use in the controller. It works well with trigger.

I don't know what is the problem. Maybe the laravel can't handle the trigger or the odbc driver is bad from microsoft (I tried to reinstall it) or something else? (I declared fillable columns etc. on my model)

The queries doesn't work on the other table what contains trigger.

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