1 year ago

Mail send not working

Posted 1 year ago by dan3460

I have look around on google but i think my problem is different of just misspelled or wrong setup file. Right now i have the .env setup for mailtrap, using Tinker i can send a simple email using Email::raw(). So the configuration is working. I have the following method to send an email:

    public function sendForm()
        ], function($msg){
            $msg->from('[email protected]');
            $msg->to('[email protected]', 'Admin')->subject('Web Site Request');
        //return redirect('/')->with('message', 'We will get back to you very soon....Thanks');

I commented the return to make sure that i was hitting the method, i'm getting a blank page. So i'm hitting the method. i typed the mail command in tinker, replacing the requests with hard coded data and it worked. How i can troubleshoot that the method is actually calling the mail function?

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