9 months ago

Mail notification templates - custom line()

Posted 9 months ago by lambooni

I am using notifications to send mails as follows:

      return (new MailMessage)
            ->greeting('Hello ' . $notifiable->first_name . ',' )
            ->subject('Reset Password Notification')
            ->line('You are receiving this email because we received a password reset request for your account.')
            ->action('Reset Password',
                url(config('app.url').route('password.reset', $this->token, false))
            ->line('If you did not request a password reset, please just ignore this message')

This all works great, using the standard template.

I have now published the vendor files and have started to edit the template and CSS. To get my theme to work, when I create a new line, I need it to be wrapped by some HTML code.

i.e. ->line('This is my new line') needs to to render as (simplified):

This is my new line

For more complex emails I am creating them from scratch with the templates, but I really love notifications for these simple messages and hope there is a way to do this?

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