9 months ago

Looking to WYSIWYG editor that allows user to embed media (youtube, twitter, .. etc)

Posted 9 months ago by nhayder

i'm using laravel 5.8 and i'm looking for WYSIWYG editor to offer basic text editing, but the more important thing is i need to allow my users to embed media from multiple locations (youtube, vimeo, twitter, instagram, ... etc).

i tried CKeditor 4 which is fine and they have automatic embedding features that at start looked very attractive to me, Unfortunately it looks like all embedded medias from admin area are returning tags.


i'm not fully aware of tags and how to use then but according to my research it looks like i need a 3rd party service to render oembed object to standard media object.

So does anybody have recommendation on which editor should i use ???

OR is there is away to convert tags without using 3rd party service.

Any ideas ???

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