3 years ago

Localization tips for project with dynamic content.

Posted 3 years ago by oten

I was wondering if anyone has worked with a big Laravel project that required localization. I have some questions as I have never made a project this way.

What's your opinion on the approach method? Is it better to first code the project in the default locale, then make the translation and go back to blade to change the corresponding fields or parallel work will be more suitable?

I came along this plugin (https://github.com/mcamara/laravel-localization) that seems to work perfectly with static translations from a json for example (https://laravel.com/docs/5.4/localization#defining-translation-strings) but what happens with dynamic translations? For example what if I want to display a blog post according to the locale set?

Any piece of advise or other plugins will be extremely useful. Thank you!

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