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Limit output length of crypt or hash

Posted 1 month ago by Commander

Hey there, I was wondering if there is a way to limit the output of an encrypted or hashed value.

The case I have is, that I provide links for customers, having the id to an entry in my db, which contains relevant information for the receiver. Sooo... to avoid accessing to entries which are for someone else I am encrypting the id and append its outcome to the link. Now I am faced with the problem, that those "final links" are extremely long and ugly as f%!# (I actually got a lot responses, that they look highly suspicious and some of the customers didn't clicked on it, because they were afraid of being redirected to a phishing site).

However, this made me think about the option of limiting or individually setting the length of the encryptions outcome, like force it to contain 8 to 16 characters instead of about 250(? not sure how long they actually are). I also want to avoid using something like a redirecting page and a "self-made" URL shortener, because of the extra step I don't need. Currently I've spent more than two hours of googling and reading several discussions regarding this topic and yeah... I am not satisfied with the results. Most of them started about two years up to five years ago.

What else I did? I looked into Laravels api, especially into Illuminate\Encryption\Encrypter, but still no solution found.

Sooooo... I hope anyone can help me out with a solution based on laravel. I don't want to use anything else like php_mbcrypt itself than laravels encrypt or Hash::make.

Thanks in advance!

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