Large Collection is Empty in HTML?

Posted 10 months ago by okmkey45


From a controller I have a large collection and it has a lot of data. I send it to the view with:

return view('admin.create', compact('fields'));

And I used it in my blade file like:

    :fields="{{ $fields }}"

While I was developing everything worked good. Then today I deployed the app and something went wrong.

So I checked the collection and it has the data but in the HTML it came as an empty string. I checked the source code in my browser and I had this:


Not event an empty array, just an empty string. After two hours I applied a limit on the collection like this:

$fields = $fields->take(2);
return view('admin.create', compact('fields'));

And this time, in the HTML I had some values.

My question is: could it be that a large collection canĀ“t be sent to the browser? is it because laravel? is it because PHP? maybe is there a limitation on the server?

I hope someone can help me.


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