11 months ago

Laravel views are not updating

Posted 11 months ago by aswal94

I created a project on a subdomain. After buying a proper domain i copied the files from the subdomain to the main domain Both of the website are hosted on the same server.

I am developing the project on phpstorm.
The database of the both the project is same

Routes and controller are working fine and are showing changes but the view are not showing any changes.

I've tried the following things.

=> Cleared the cache

php artisan cache:clear php artisan config:clear php artisan view:clear

=> (unchecked the option Preserve files timestamps)

=> Deleted the cached view inside storage/framework/views

=> Renamed the file (it is not getting detected in the controller)

=> Used View::make('lyrics.single')

=> OpCache is not enabled in the server.

How to resolve the issue?

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