1 week ago

laravel validation required_with not working as expected

Posted 1 week ago by t0berius

Using the following validation ruleset:

        'productImage1'         => 'nullable|sometimes|mimes:jpeg,jpg,png|max:2000',
        'productImage2'         => 'nullable|sometimes|mimes:jpeg,jpg,png|max:2000|required_with:productImage1',
        'productImage3'         => 'nullable|sometimes|mimes:jpeg,jpg,png|max:2000|required_with:productImage2',
        'productImage4'         => 'nullable|sometimes|mimes:jpeg,jpg,png|max:2000|required_with:productImage3',

Using the validation rules I want to make sure, the images are only uploaded in the correct order. At the moment a user can choose for example only productImage3 and the validation will pass, any idea how to prevent this?

Seems like required_with:productImage2 is not working as expected for this scenario?

Validation should pass the following as valid:

-no upload detected (for all fields)

-uploads are in the correct order, meaning productImage1 can be filled, or productImage1 and productImage2 or productImage1,productImage2 and productImage3

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