Laravel training

Posted 2 years ago by teckel

Where can I go (like today or tomorrow) to learn Laravel? I've been writing in PHP since 1997 (and other languages back to the early 80's) but this Laravel thing has got me stumped. My employer is pushing Laravel as a new project framework to make things "easier". However, I've had nothing but trouble even getting it running or doing anything with it. A simple "hello world" seems to require me to dig into a few folders and modify a few pages. One must know where these hidden folders and files are and what they do to even get the "hello world" running.

Anyway, the Laracast videos are way too confusing, jump all over the place, are too specific to the Mac, or generally just don't relate to what I need to do (for example, using SQL Server instead of MySQL). Because of this, the tutorials are painful to watch at best to totally non-functional.

So, where's the REAL Laravel resource to learn this terrific framework?


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