1 year ago

Laravel Telescope keeps scanning and 404 error

Posted 1 year ago by prasadchinwal5

Hi everyone! So i just did a fresh install of laravel telescope and I can access the page at project_name/telescope. But the problem arises when i click any of the tabs like Request or commands etc. In my console I get the following error

app.js?id=cb082a14c0f0bb5764c9:594 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Request failed with status code 404 at createError (app.js?id=cb082a14c0f0bb5764c9:594) at settle (app.js?id=cb082a14c0f0bb5764c9:745) at XMLHttpRequest.handleLoad (app.js?id=cb082a14c0f0bb5764c9:155)


app.js?id=cb082a14c0f0bb5764c9:256 POST 404 (Not Found)

Can anyone help me? P.S. I am on local development environment.

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