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Laravel / Spatie / Mailgon webhooks - invalid signature

Posted 1 month ago by CarlEOgden


Got a puzzling one, we installed laravel-spatie-webhook-client on our Laravel 7 server and have entered out api key in webhook-config.php

'signing_secret' => 'our number in here',

Once we get it working, we'll store this in the .env file and call it as it should be called.

I've managed to create App\Handle\ProcessWebhook.php

namespace App\Handler;

use \Spatie\WebhookClient\ProcessWebhookJob;

//The class extends "ProcessWebhookJob" class as that is the class //that will handle the job of processing our webhook before we have //access to it.
class ProcessWebhook extends ProcessWebhookJob
	public function handle(){
		$data = json_decode($this->webhookCall, true);
		//Do something with the event
		http_response_code(200); //Acknowledge you received the response

But everytime I test it from the Mailgun webhooks page to the url I get an exception:

** Message ** The signature is invalid.

** File ** WebhookFailed.php

** Line ** 11

** Request URI ** /webhook-receiving-url

Any idea what I've done wrong?

Cheers Carl.

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