1 year ago

Socialite Login: This password does not use the Bcrypt algorithm

Posted 1 year ago by braed

I have added Socialite social authentication to my Laravel 5.7 project, updating the User model to have a nullable password since OAuth2 doesn't require a password.

Trying to login to the account made via Socialite using the same email and any password gives a This password does not use the Bcrypt algorithm. exception.

It seems that the algoName in the following method in BcryptHasher is returning unknown.

public function check($value, $hashedValue, array $options = [])
    if ($this->info($hashedValue)['algoName'] !== 'bcrypt') {
        throw new RuntimeException('This password does not use the Bcrypt algorithm.');

    return parent::check($value, $hashedValue, $options);

I'm not sure how to see what is calling check() in order to debug further but it's certainly related to Socialite.

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