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Laravel-snappy and many different views

Posted 1 year ago by cemcminn

I have an entire directory of letters (with data) that I have made into views. My plan was to use the tutorial at laravelcode.com (link below) to build a generic Controller that would process any view I want to send to it:


My current code (I have removed the 'data search pieces' at present)

class PdfGenerateController extends Controller
    public function pdfview(Request $request)
        if($request->has('download')) {
            // pass view file
            $pdf = PDF::loadView('emails.app_ack.index');
            // download pdf
            return $pdf->download('app_ack.pdf');
        return back();


The tutorial shows building the data from one source by finding it again in the above method call and it works for the first document I tried, but I won't always need just that one table. Any thoughts on how I might pass in all the data I need from the view so that it builds any page I might ask for?

Would it be better to use the 'wrapper' method and perhaps create 2 versions of each page (one for display and one for pdf download?)

Am I completely on the wrong path?

Thank you.

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